• Students

    Creativity, innovation, and problem solving training for college students that will get you hired.

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  • Coaching

    Career coaching to become a rising star and get the promotion or job you are dreaming about.

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  • E-Course

    Coming soon! Three weeks of creativity and problem solving exercises that will rock your world.

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    Links to resources where you can learn more about creative thinking and problem solving strategies.


Welcome!  Let us flip your thinking!

Flipside Thinker is here to help you excel and find fulfillment in your career. We teach you how to think creatively and be a proactive problem solver. Most employees go to work every day and perform the same tasks without looking to find areas of improvement or opportunities to seize. They are content to continually perform their role and get paid.

Not you. You are driven to succeed and make positive changes in your organization. We can help.

Our coaching and training will give you the skills and behaviors needed to rise to the top of your organization. No matter your role or industry, if you can solve problems and take advantage of opportunities other miss, you will succeed.