Should we stop reading about innovation?

The more I read about innovation and creativity, the more I feel like I should stop reading about innovation and creativity.

The more I read about innovation and creativity, the more I feel like I need to stop reading about innovation and creativity.

Too many of the stories about people who are big, bold, creative thinkers don’t involve them being experts on innovation. They are experts, for sure, but they don’t know everything there is to know about how to have big ideas. They spend time reading a broad range of topics, they spend a lot of time noticing the world around them, and they spend a lot of time just thinking. 

Read about a lot of different things. Focus on education over entertainment.

Notice your world. Really pay attention to the details in the everyday.

Stop reading and noticing and sit and think

Most of the books I’ve read on being innovative or creative or having original ideas have included these basic concepts, if not labeled so succinctly.

So how do we do this?

Reading is the easiest. You don’t really need an action plan for reading – just pick some interesting books and get started.  Although you may need an action plan for making the time to read. I would argue, however, you don’t really need a plan – you need will power. (Here are 15 ways to find extra time in your day – they all involve not doing other things instead.)

Noticing the world around you seems easy, but how many times have you driven to or from work and not remembered the trip. You were on autopilot. It’s a wonder there aren’t more car accidents, really. We spend a lot of our time each day on autopilot. You see the roses, but you need an action plan to stop and smell them.

Thinking requires a combination of making the time for it and having a plan to do it productively.

To be a bigger, better, more creative thinker you need: Time (or maybe just willpower) and an actionable plan to notice and think.

Sounds fairly simple, right?  But we all know it isn’t.

I don’t have answers for you right now, but I’m on a mission to find them.

Stay tuned for more on how to implement some innovation every day.






Think Creatively to Stand Out

How does creative thinking help you in business?  

I get asked all the time “Why do I need to worry about how creative my thinking is? Don’t I just need to do my job well?”

My return stare is usually a bit glassy eyed and blank – I’m working on that.


image – markgraf – morguefile


But then I respond – Doing your job well isn’t enough these days. Competition is fiercer than ever. You need to stand up and stand out.

Thinking creatively about your job, your customers, your company, and your industry is what will set you apart.  Tweet: Thinking creatively about your job, your customers, your company & your industry will set you apart. @prodigyandco

You will be the one with great ideas in meetings. You will spot the opportunities for new products and services. You will see and squash inefficiencies like they are bugs.

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Start thinking creatively to solve new, unique, complex problems and be the office rock star.

Or do your job well – and prepare to do that same job for a very long time.



Book Review – Flourish by Martin Seligman

flourish pic

Book 12 for my #50BooksIn2016 challenge. Find out more about the challenge here.


Flourish was such a fascinating read. The idea of positive psychology – focusing on building the good, instead of eliminating the bad – really resonated with me. At a very basic level Seligman says that if you spend all your time trying to eliminate things like sadness, depression, and anger you end up empty, which is not any healthier than feeling sad, depressed or angry. So you should spend as much, if not more even, time building on the positive things – what is working well, what are you grateful for, increasing your self-discipline and self-determination. These are the things that will ultimately lead you to living a better, happier life.

The five main components of “flourishing” or what makes up well-being are 1) positive emotion, 2) engagement, 3) meaning, 4) positive relationships, 5) accomplishment

My favorite part had to do with increasing accomplishment or achievement in our lives. I don’t know what that says about me.  Seligman piggybacked on the work of Angela Duckwork, whose PhD work at Penn was focused on GRIT, the combination of very high persistence and high passion for an objective.

I watched a TED talk recently from Duckworth on this topic, so getting into more detail of the research and theory behind it was incredibly interesting.

The TED talk is here. You should watch it. (But after you finish reading this.)

The underlying theory of achievement Duckworth proposed is this:

Achievement = skills X effort

Skills are made up of the cognitive process of automatic knowledge, heavy cognitive thinking about planning, refining, error checking and creativity, and how quickly you can learn new material to make it automatic.

Effort is just how much time you spend on something. And the biggest factor of that is the character traits of self-discipline and GRIT.

Those two character traits are really the only things you have a significant amount of control over when it comes to the formula for achievement.

So if I want to build Prodigy & Co to a massive success and help people change the world, I need to work on my GRIT – and help my clients with their GRIT.

But it also tells me that is what students and kids need to help them become their best selves, and the sooner we can help them increase their GRIT, the better off they will be. (Exciting news on this front coming soon!!)

I can’t wait to see Duckworth’s research on what you can do to actually increase GRIT. She has a book coming out May 3 that I have already pre-ordered.


Let me know what you think about the achievement formula and GRIT. I’d love to hear from you.


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Use Creativity to Succeed – Get Motivation Post

I recently had an article featured on on using creativity to succeed. Check it out…


Now, more than ever, companies need creativity and creative thinking in the day-to-day operations in order to truly excel and rise above the competition.

We often think of the great innovators such as Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs as the “creatives”, the kind of people who had such revolutionary ideas that they changed the world. Or we read stories like that of Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos, who developed a simpler, less painful way to test blood that has turned her into the youngest self-made female billionaire in the world and we think “I could never have an idea like that.”

These stories are great examples of game-changing creativity and innovation, but they overlook the everyday creativity and innovation that makes companies tick. And that is the kind of creativity you can use to drive sales, product development, or customer service improvements in your own company. You don’t need to have ideas that change the entire world, you just need ideas to change the world you live in.

Creativity and innovation in the day-to-day starts with looking at things differently and taking on the perspectives of others. Get inside the head of your customer, boss, partner, or supplier to determine how you can impact their outcome in a positive way. This is especially critical for your customers, thinking from their perspective to understand what they want and need. But even if you don’t interact with your company’s customers on a daily basis, think of your boss or partner as a customer, and find a way to delight them with your work.

After you’ve flipped your perspective and taken the view of those around you, start testing. New perspectives on a problem or process can give you lots of ideas about how to improve things or move the needle in terms of sales or growth, but until you try some of those ideas you will never know which is the best or right choice. Without the feedback you get from trying out your ideas, you can’t have enough data to move forward. Don’t get stuck analyzing all of your options without testing at least some of them first. If testing isn’t really feasible with your specific situation, make sure and talk to a number of different people about your ideas and options.

Read the rest at GetMotivated…. 


You are creative… Whether or not You Know it

I used to think I wasn’t creative because I wasn’t an artist or musician. That was creativity to me.

creativityNevermind that I spent a significant part of my childhood with an imaginary friend named Anderson, or that my best friend and I played “bank” where we created money, checks, and a teller line and we waited on pretend customers, or that in middle school a friend and I developed a man’s entire life story just for fun. I never claimed to be an ordinary child, clearly.

Those things, among many other random things I did, required a lot of imagination and creativity. But at no point did I look at my life and see creativity. I mostly saw a weird kid, but let’s not get into my self-perception issues.

Now I know that creativity is about so, so, so much more than just making art or music. Any new idea about anything is creative.

One of the definitions of creativity is: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.


That’s a lot. And it sounds kind of daunting. But it really isn’t.

We transcend traditional patterns of life every single day. We take new routes to work when accidents leave traffic at a standstill. We make up dinner with just the food in our fridge. We find some sort of tool, anything really, that will get the broken cork out of the neck of the wine bottle. That is all creativity. (It’s also problem solving, but we’ll talk about that later.)

Think about all of the things you have done today that wasn’t just your same old routine. Creativity! Bam!

Don’t be like I used to be, not seeing your own creativity and imaginative power. It’s all around you, if you just realize it.

So tell me, how were you creative today? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Friday Files

The Friday Files is a weekly roundup of some of my favorite articles, musings, and other things from around web.

Quote for the week:

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I knew there was a good reason for my high-strung brain!

As if we needed more reasons to step away from our cell phones, they might be making us lazy thinkers according to a study.

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Three mindsets to increase your income, value, and happiness.  I love the first one. It’s about who you become.

I’ve been trying to work on my pre-bed time habits so I can get better sleep. Shutting off the electronics is definitely the hardest.