Why are we here? To make you a Rising Star!

Do you want to excel? Do you want to be successful, get promoted, and be a difference maker? Do you want to be a rock star in your office and your life? Flipside Thinker teaches you what you need to succeed.

Companies today need people who not only see problems, but solve problems.

Problem solving, creative thinking and creativity are skills and mindsets that can be learned through training and practice, just like any sport or subject. They are not gifts that are only given to a select few. Anyone can be great at problem solving (even you!) or come up with creative solutions or generate great ideas. All you need are the right tools and the right training.

This is where Flipside Thinker comes in. The same way a golf coach shows you how to stand and how to swing so that you can practice the perfect shot, Flipside Thinker training will teach you frameworks, tools and techniques that can turn you into a pro problem solver and creative thinker.

With our coaching and training, you will be able to identify problems and opportunities, generate ideas, and develop solutions. You will be able to recognize and overcome cognitive and emotional barriers to thinking. You will be given tools and techniques to keep your creative mind sharp.

You will be a rising star.

What can you expect?

To have your thinking flipped! To learn how to overcome mental blocks, challenge assumptions, think creatively, generate ideas and then to use all of these skills and more to excel and succeed.

You will learn about the science and psychology of creativity and your brain. You will find about others who are solving problems – sometimes radically, sometimes simply, but always creatively. You will learn how to apply the tips, techniques and tricks we teach to your everyday life so that you solve problems like a rock star. Then, people will look to you for answers.

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Who are we?

Hi, I’m Jessica, the founder and CEO of Flipside Thinker. I love to solve problems and help others solve problems. Really.

I want you to excel. I want you to find fulfillment and success in whatever you choose to do.

I have an undergraduate degree in Finance from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. I worked for a Fortune 500 energy company for eight years in a number of different roles gaining experience in information technology, finance, business development and process improvement.

During my time at TU I led my team to win first place in the 2012 Donald W Reynolds Governors Cup Business Plan Competition in Oklahoma and went on to mentor the first place winning teams for Oklahoma in each the next two years – I hope to make it four in a row in 2015.

On a more personal note, I am also a girlfriend, puppy lover, world traveler, coffee addict, foodie, oenophile, pen and notebook nerd, wanna be photog, and downtown Tulsan.